I paint seas, trees... and whatever I please!

During lockdown in March 2020, I decided to pick up my brush and create a piece every single day. 

In this time, I've painted countless landscapes, and improved my art - while keeping (mostly) sane!

I've discovered I have a love of seascapes and landscapes, and have experimented with many different mediums. I've used water-mixable oils, gouache, acrylics, and my favourite medium, watercolour. 


I have been painting for as long as I remember, in spurts of inspiration and scattered sketchbooks. My parents tell stories of pages of 'masterpieces' my 3-year-old self demanded be displayed.

Growing up, art has felt like a passion that is a bit of fun, something to help me feel grounded. I focused on my studies, getting through GCSEs and A Levels, attempting to take on more scientific subjects, which interested me, but I just couldn't wrap my head around. Biology or Chemistry wasn't for me, that's for sure!

Over time, focus on my studies overtook my art. However, at the very end of my History degree, with my dissertation looming, suddenly the UK was brought into lockdown. The pandemic took hold. Like many people, I grasped for the comfort of a hobby to keep me occupied, and grabbed my watercolour paints. I've been painting everyday, almost constantly, since. I've bought more paints, tried new mediums, and met some amazing artists and creators online. 


I am absolutely delighted that my small steps towards being creative everyday have led me to be an artist, taking on commissions and sending my art all across the world. My work has gone to places I've dreamed of visiting and I couldn't be more excited to send my products to their new homes!

As a small artist, every order makes me beyond excited, and I am dedicated to bringing the best experience I can possibly do. If you'd like a piece of art for your house, a new notebook with a landscape on it, or even to commission a unique piece of your own, I'd be so excited to do so!

All the very best,

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