When do you become an 'artist'?

Recently, I have been trying to change how I think in regards to calling myself an artist. I've been making art and posting every single day for more than two months, improving greatly, and even selling two pieces!

Yet, I was worried about changing my website and Instagram information from 'aspiring artist' to 'artist'. I read a blog post by Sarah McIntyre (she's an inspiration of mine - check her out!) full of advice to help illustrators and artists aspiring to be published one day. The biggest piece of advice that really shone through to me: call yourself an artist!

I make art. Therefore, am I an artist?

The answer is, definitely, yes!

I'm sure this is a feeling many people who make art (artists!) share. Calling yourself an artist denotes some sort of professionalism, taking oneself seriously, and putting a label on a hobby. It feels serious!

But it's really not that big a deal! I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling like it is a big deal to call yourself an artist, but, really it is an acknowledgement of the time and dedication you put into your work. If you don't acknowledge that, who will?!

If you make art, you're an artist!

Thanks for reading this bit of mind natter!


Check out Sarah McIntyre's great work and advice: http://www.jabberworks.co.uk/

Her FAQ page is incredible! Full of information and links and comics and brilliance!

And here is the blog post that inspired this post too: https://jabberworks.livejournal.com/835972.html

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