I've joined the Society of Young Publishers!

On Monday, I did a scary thing...

I went to my first Society of Young Publishers (SYP) Annual General Meeting, and I only picked the biggest event of the year as my first event! It was a little terrifying attending on my own, with no one I know there, however, everyone was lovely and friendly. I felt at ease after chatting to a few people who I'll hopefully meet again soon.

As someone wanting to work within publishing, this event helped me feel more confident in my abilities, and also opened my eyes to the industry and some of its flaws. The publishing industry is having to compete with some big names (I doubt I have to say the 'big A'), but it has the ability to adapt and people will continue to love books - hopefully!

So that's a little update on my progress towards working in publishing! Hopefully there will be further progress soon...

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