Day 89 - Daily Artwork

Today has felt really long, it must be the heat!

I didn't let myself sit and agonise over my art today - I spent just over an hour total painting this piece. I joined a fantastic webinar with IAmInPrint, featuring Barry Cunningham! It was brilliant - hearing someone so passionate talk about books, and working with books, and wearing a cool hat was a brilliant way to spend my evening!

There's something about hearing other people talk passionately about books that gets me fired up to read and write.

And Barry Cunningham couldn't be more correct: we write, sell, and love books for those children who are the book huggers. I remember being one, working my way through shelves of Roald Dahl books, hiding in the library, not wanting to go in when the bell rang because you had just hit the best part, you can't just stop mid-chapter!

I am a book-hugger, and it drives my passion for books!

In any case, here is my piece from today! I felt like painting this strange, lonely figure.

I'm planning on attempting some portraits in the next little bit. So stay tuned for tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!


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