Day 39 - Daily Artwork

Today was an exciting day, as a new watercolour set arrived.

I've always used student grade sets, with the most advanced set being my Cotman student grade set. But I've been taking my art much more seriously, and fighting my watercolour paints to get the pigment level and quality of colour was frustrating...

I now own a slightly intimidating Rembrandt set - intimidating cause I've never tried it! New mediums can be a bit scary... So today's piece is a nice and simple one, a flower surface pattern. I decided to just get some paint on the paper, and get going - avoiding blank page fears!

I absolutely love the ease of painting with these paints. I can see a huge improvement coming in my ability to focus on developing my portfolio and skills without fighting the materials!

Very pleased with the progress today!

Thanks for reading, hope you're doing okay!


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