Day 200 - Daily Artwork

Wow! Just hit the 200 day art streak, and I throughly enjoyed painting today's piece!

I chose a scene with water, as I do love painting it, and was missing it. Today's prompt was Secret Valley, and I chose a water filled valley at sunset!

Small review of my challenge so far:

- creating definitely feels like a habit now, I don't feel complete before picking up a paintbrush nowadays!

- oh my gosh, how I've improved! Even in the simplest things, like colour mixing and composition, the improvement is massive! And especially in my confidence, that is the biggest improvement!

- I can do this! I know now that I can/will dedicate time everyday to paint or create, and that I can make things that people can enjoy when I share it! It's incredibly rewarding now to post my daily piece

- I have developed a healthier approach to social media. Before I was scared to post, worried about what people think. At the beginning of the challenge, I got stuck on thinking about likes and followers, and while I still have my moments where I worry about that, what I'm thinking of now is creating a community, reaching out to others and being kind! So important on social media! Actively changing my thought processes has been a healthy approach, and worked for my anxious brain.

Some goals to carry me forward:

- keep doing this! Complete the challenge

- start working on my stories and ideas alongside this - the challenge provided a nice break, but now is a time to start bringing things together, where possible!

- take better care of my mental health. Anxiety is rocketing at the moment, and I need to make sure I'm eating properly, talking to friends, and taking vitamins, etc. Getting better at this

In any case, here's today's piece:

If you got this far, thanks for reading the ramble!


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