Day 171 - Daily Artwork

Been feeling a lot of anxiety today - waves of emotion that have made my stomach turn in knots. For no particular reason as well, I just had a very anxious day!

So I decided to focus on simple techniques today, so that I would not worry even further. I find the colour blue calming, so I grabbed some of my favourites and mixed a sky colour. I loved the sky colour so much that I then used it in my current commission piece!

Here's today's piece:

The sky is a mixture of three colours: azure blue (white nights), Sennelier Blue, and phalo turquoise (both from Sennelier). The aircraft is Payne's Grey - my new favourite Payne's Grey is from Winsor and Newton; I really enjoy their tube paints, though I didn't have a great time with their Cotman paint range.

The clouds were made by dabbing the paper with a tissue to create the soft clouds.

Thanks for reading!


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