Day 170 - Daily Artwork

I am always on the hunt for the perfect indigo watercolour... And I may have found it, finally!

I used today's painting to test out a new watercolour paint, a Winsor & Newton indigo, and Payne's Grey. I found that Schmincke and Sennelier indigos dried a little grey or were granulating, which is beautiful, but not the basic indigo I was seeking. So I was delighted by the discovery that the W&N indigo is exactly how I imagine the colour should be!

Today I painted a night-time cityscape, which was built up with watercolour layers for the night sky, and then gouache on the bottom half. I painted each of the stars individually, as I didn't want to have any overly-dense patches of stars, or big splashes of white.

I also used a light splattering of metallic gouache through the city lights - which can be seen from certain angles! I did this sparingly, so it's not too over-baring.

Here's today's piece:

Thanks for reading!