Day 165 - Daily Artwork

Been contemplating lately why I feel drawn to painting waterscapes so much lately. I adore the sea - as an asthmatic I always find the sea air helps me breathe a lot easier.

But I also am feeling very anxious about the world at the moment. I've graduated into a pandemic, I don't have a publishing job lined up like I'd hoped to have, I'm struggling to write the stories I want to. Missing friends and family and my significant other. It's a lot, and the worries and anxieties build up, sometimes making me feel like I've been dropped into a vast ocean.

Today's piece reflects those worries and feelings. I think when I paint water I calm my thoughts and simply pour those feelings out. That's why I keep coming back to painting water, with all it's deepness and textures. I find it helps me stay grounded.

I picked up my favourite colour today, azure blue from White Nights watercolours. I just swept it across the page, and the texture and colour is addicting to me. Today's painting helped me calm thoughts I didn't realise were bugging me, and I could just focus on the layers and the textures. Painting is my calm place, and I'm lucky to spend my days doing it!

The white/light blue parts is a mixture of bleedproof white ink and azure. It's replaced my trusty white gouache, due to being a truer white.

Here's today's piece:

Thanks for reading! Hope you find this piece to be calming, and enjoy this colour too!