Day 157 - Daily Artwork

Been a busy day today - and I have been battling a bit of a headache the whole day.

Yesterday I found a Royal Talens gouache on sale (for £2!) in an art store in Muswell Hill. It is a bit battered, the tube all dented, but paint nonetheless. It's called Havana Brown, but the tube shows it to be a purple colour - and, indeed, I think this is more purple/burgundy, not brown!

I love this colour so much. It does have a bit of a funky smell - which faded quite quickly. The smell worried me a bit, until I remembered that gouache does sometimes smell funky - it's more of a strong paint smell than anything bad. Might just be slightly old paint really!

Tonight's piece was a fun little A5 experiment - I really love this paint brand!

Here's today's piece:

Thanks for reading!


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