Day 136 - Daily Artwork

Today was exciting! I had the fun idea to post yesterday's piece of art on Imgur this morning (as well as a glorious pic of my cat) and it got a lot more attention than I ever thought possible!

The piece has sold, and I've managed to make prints of the piece before I post it off tomorrow! Very thrilling (and a little intimidating!)

For today's piece I decided to paint another isolated house. I wanted to do the reverse of the last one - which was bright blue in a sea of dark earth tones. Today's house is a dark black-purple, in a light and vibrant setting. I wanted to keep the foreboding atmosphere of the black house, which was achieved with cold yellow flowers and a brooding cloudscene.

Overall, very pleased with the atmospheric effect! Here's today's piece, and the blue house for comparisons sake:

Thanks for reading!


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