Day 126 - Daily Artwork

I'm that person painting snowy scenes in the middle of a heatwave... I miss snow!

I felt like painting on something weird and different today. I've got some new watercolour paper to test, but no, instead I felt determined to paint on something different.

So I tested a few things. Tissue paper does not care for paint, neither gouache not watercolour. The recycled paper from my delivery disintegrated in protest of liquid and colour. So finally, I cut up a box and painted on cardboard. And it was really fun!

Turns out gouache and cardboard are friends, and the smooth cardboard was lovely to paint on. The novelty of painting something you're not meant to paint is also surprisingly motivating.

Very pleased with this winter house scene, with my lucky number accented in gold. I went with a more illustrative style and it was very expressive, I feel like this house is a character!

It was a god painting day!

Thanks for reading!


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