Day 105 - Daily Artwork

I put too much paint out yesterday, so today I had a load of blue watercolour paint in my mixing pallette... I hate wasting paint, so today we have yet another blue piece!

Blue is my favourite colour - confirmed.

While I love my cat dearly, he certainly loves being naughty at 2 am, and keeping me up! He was atrocious last night, meowing randomly, two hairballs, scratching things. He had food and I gave him cuddles, so I really don't know what made him be so naughty. Althought thinking about it, maybe giving him cuddles in the middle of the night is encouraging the behaviour... Oops!

The neighbourhood cats also decided to have a fight/yowling match last night! I decided to put a stop to it, so I ran out into the slug covered garden to scare them off.

The moonlit antics did, however, cause some very disrupted sleep. I woke up with a massive headache this morning.

All this to say, I kept today's piece simple, as I'm a little sleep deprived:

Simple and using up waste paint - ideal!

Thanks for reading my little rant...


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