Book Review - 'The Littlest Yak' by Lu Fraser & Kate Hindley

Oh, how I love the message in this book! Every now and then as a bookseller I come across a picture book which reaches across the many different people who purchase children's books. Parents. Teachers. Grandparents. God parents. And some of the most challenging, aunts/uncles and distant family with a vague idea of what the child may like.

This picture book is a fantastic go between these different groups, with an important message for readers, big or small.

The main character, a little yak, is the perfect example of the use of an animal to connect an idea to the struggles children face, and to create a positive message alongside it. It reminds me of 'I Don't Want To Be Small' by Laura Ellen Anderson, in that it introduces the idea that being who you are is enough, and in fact, the best!

Every child, at some point, wants to be bigger, or stronger, or just like their sibling who is five years older, and right this minute... So to have such an accepting and understanding message would make tor the ideal bedtime story.

This is the kind of positive message so important to children's development, and the pictures are beyond cute!

Here is the first spread:

And here is the blurb:

Thanks for reading this little book review!


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